Welcome to Sacred Body Holistic Studio,

Our center owner, Marcia was born in Brazil from a lineage of Spiritual Mothers, where she spent her younger years prior moving to Europe and the Netherlands.  She traveled extensively through India and Nepal learning and experiencing healing & meditation. Her passion for learning and sharing took her to South East Asia in 2000, where she studied several different massage and healing techniques and worked in five star resorts teaching and healing artistes from the entertainment business and music industry.

Marcia is considered one of the best therapist in Brisbane,her massage is deep and her energy is transmitted through her massage and healing tools. Her love and passion for holistic healing lead Marcia to go deeper into the studies of natural holistic medicine as Herbal Medicine, Flower essences, Nutrition and Naturopathy in Australia.Her believes is that we need to own tools from the land where is home now , and use as healing tool to regenerate the body ,mind and soul.

Marcia was introduced to holistic healing and understanding at a young age and is now a leader in the field of holistic health.She developed her own tools and teaching modalities and she will applied in her session as the need of the client. Each treatment it will be design for your own needs,every time a different experience,guided by wellness consultation and soul healing.

Marcia is a spiritual consultant and holistic therapist and her expertise includes:  guided healing and dynamic meditation, Craniosacral therapy, remedial massage, aquatic meditation, energy work with chakras and auras, Reiki master, Balinese Massage, hot stone bliss massage, Thai yoga massage and trigger point massage, Pranic healing, herbal hot compression massage, integration massage, deep tissue massage, scrubs, Mandir Lulur & Spa therapies Hindu Pranayama and intuitive healing.

De-stress, improve your health and well-being and enjoy a few hours of bliss! Come and experience Sacred Body.   We look forward to spoiling you!