Therapeutic Massage treatments

Rosehip  therapeutic oil massage                                                              An aromatic oil rich of antioxidant ,releasing body aching trough a rhythmic strokes motions to improve your relaxation and body flow.Application of heat to deep the oil on your muscle it will be apply.$90

A Natural Beauty Revolution!

Himalayan Salt Massage Stones for a relaxing, heavenly massage! Pure pink Himalayan salt, hand-carved, exfoliates, mineralizes, high recommended for detoxing, lowering blood pressure, alkalizing the body, and removing stress.A cross between a hot stone massage, a salt glow, and a mineral infusion! Just heat these artisan carved massage stones, made of our 100% wind powered, ethically exfoliating, mineralizing, gently detoxifying, and ultimately, for the deepest relaxation you crave. And by summer ask it chilled for sports massage with Marcia.

Our skin is the largest organ and absorbs minerals, as well as toxins; there is enormous benefit in using the salt stones over river stones. The magnesium content helps to relax muscles and melt tension, and the other 80+ minerals and trace elements are beneficially absorbed to alkalize, gently draw out toxins, and because of the unadulterated salt, it draws moisture to the upper layers of the skin, plumping and moisturizing, leaving the skin quite smooth. When the body becomes acidic, it’s naturally accompanied by aches, pains, low energy, and melancholy feelings, one of the secrets to be healthy and rejuvenate is to alkaline your body .

  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Wind Powered
  • People Tested,
  •  Cruelty Free Gluten-Free No Additives.

Healing Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

  • Very Deep Relaxation
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Nervous Disorders
  • Improved Sense of Well Being.

50min $ 95

1hour $135

Bamboo Massage therapy

A bamboo massage is the use of hollow organically treated bamboo canes that are warm or used at room temperature in general massage. This treatment gained popularity in spas and salons through Brazil as a VIP slim massage. It is an ancient therapy that able the therapist to give a deeper, firmer massage. This treatment assists in the release of tension and easing of knots, it promotes circulation, relaxation and other general benefits.                                                                                                         . Exceptionally effective in combination with our 10 days natural herbal program, work in synergy to activate slimming and anti-cellulite process while bringing absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body.

Who is suitable for?

  • For anyone who wants health improvement. Good for individuals who regularly suffer from ache, those who lead sedentary lifestyles, or those who want to reduce puffiness or swelling. It has a positive effect on problem skin and cellulite.


  • Helps the body to eliminate toxins, aids with the removal of cellulite, clears lymphatic blockages, boosts immunity, reduces skin puffiness caused by water retention.

30min $72

1hour $145