I recently had a hot stone massage and body scrub at Sacred Body Massage.  Marcia was the therapist that worked with me.  I have had massages in many locations around the world, but this is the best massage I have ever experienced.  The scrub was divine, the products used were high quality, organic products.   Marcia considers the whole person, mind, body and spirit, while working with a person.  She is Mother Nature in the flesh, an earthy, beautiful woman.   I would highly recommend Marcia and Sacred Body Massage.  Just thinking about the experience makes me say, and feel, Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Best regards,


Psychic Readings By Jane O’Connor-Chapman

Marcia you have an amazing gift. I feel blessed to have met you yesterday. Your healing hands are divine! I slept from 7pm until 6am this morning and my shoulder does not ache for the first time in over a week now. Blessings and love to you my friend. I cannot wait to come along and read tarot at your healing sanctuary! – love Jane ?
Thank you for the fantastic hot stone massage, body scrub and facial on Saturday.             I really enjoyed it and found it very relaxing.Thank you again.Ingrid R,                               Marketing &Communications Assistant

I had a massage on last Monday.The best ever,she just took massage to another level,Thank you Marcia for the great treatment and I do sleep better after your suggestions

Looking forward for my re-booking in 2 weeks


These was the most relaxing massage ever,the therapist had a deep pressure and in the same time make me feel like a baby putting to sleep


The products were so sweet and smoothie that I got hungry ,my husband just love it all ,best massage in Brisbane

Carol & Dean

Thank you for the great treatment,best massage in Brisbane,best products I ever tried,nice team


I had 2 therapist giving me the best massage ever,at the same time,to dream for!


I have had massages all over the world and this is the best ever, Marcia is wonderful!I had no idea about the aching in my body and all those amazing life style tips she suggested,home remedies,how to focus on happiness ,best experience I ever had with a therapist, Mary 2012-08-15


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