Organic body spa treatments

BODY MASK: heals your skin, nourishing and rejuvenating with amino acids, herbs, minerals and vitamins, Choices of Australian natural clays and natural organic ingredients.

30 min $ 75

BODY EXFOLIATION: Rosehip botanical body exfoliation rich in vitamin C, and rose hip seed oil has been found especially effective for skin treatment.This treatment will bring your experience to another level.                                                                                        Application of body antioxidant milk to protect your skin from environmental free radical

45min  $85

RoseHip herbal body mask it promotes tissue regeneration and is good for scars, burns and wrinkles. There are no known toxicities of rose hips, and it shouldn’t irritate the skin.Application of body antioxidant milk to protect your skin from environmental free radical

30min  $75

BODY SCRUBS: cleansing, rejuvenating and stimulating metabolism, natural salts (To choose from our Pantry), Citrus, powerful organic raw sugar, oatmeal, coffee organic herbs, camomile, Rosehip, Mint ,Aloe Vera, Rosemary and many others herbs to request. All ingredients are raw from organic farm.

30min $ 75

BODY SPREADS: Butters & Vegetarian Milks, choice of natural products spread with relaxing massage

Sandwood, Shea butter, Dragon Blood, Cacao Butter, Blueberry Milk, Coconut Milk, Oatmeal

45min $85

BODYLICIOUS SLIMMING TREAT                                                  

This treatment starting with beautiful full hands massage that will improve the quality of your skin and relax your mind as the therapist hands cleanses the skin of free radicals and leaves it feeling clean and silky smooth.

In every step of your treatment, your body will be massage with a special care and several applications of masks and scrubs will be effectuate.

A rich blend of Australian minerals, organic herbs and Vitamins, & Enzymes makes this natural body treatment a revitalizing experience. The use of hot towels will be applied on each step of your treatment. All our products are made from natural raw Australian made and certified organic, toxic free and from organic farms.

Starting by applying a massage body cream mask rich of antioxidant and mineral properties massaging and melting your muscle.

Follow by  an Ionic scrub to revitalize your skin and starting your detox, each step will be amplify by another layer with  application of an ionic body mask that will be spread through with a  massage while you are relaxing under your therapist hands

Then again massaging your body with our brown sugar, ground certified organic coffee and alkaline oils .This slimming body scrub is a powerful blend of the most active natural products  that work to stimulate circulation and detoxify ,leaving your body toned, hydrated and invigorated.

Another layer of Ionic Mineral Body Mask

This ionic body mask detoxifies the skin on a cellular level, containing high concentrations of Minerals that are rich in micro-nutrients which oxygenate and detoxify to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, promote a healthy glow, stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.

Final Touch of refreshing and nurturing antioxidant certified organic body milk follow by neck and head massage.

90min $ 245

The Himalayan Organic body Mask Salts are used by many folks with high blood pressure. Allowing this powerful mask to penetrate in your skin and mineralizing, with the massage helps to regulate body fluids, which when is out of balance, naturally raise blood pressure. This mineral rich mask is deeply restoring, soothing, softening to the skin, nurturing to the spirit, and gently purifying. Choices of organic Lavender or Rose.

45min $88