Meditation & healing Training

As a spiritual consultant and intuitive healer my concern is to bring personal growth psychic awareness and spiritual development by utilizing a lively and light heart combination of channeled information, Pranayama as a relaxation technique, guided meditations and imaginative exercises. Our aim is to transmute energy.

We are all connected to the same source; we all work with the natural laws of the universe.

Our spiritual guides communicate with us through intuition and each of us will experience it in different ways, these abilities are part of being human.

The journey is inspirational and transformational. It will help you awaken higher consciousness, expand the heart-light, get in touch with the voice of inner guidance and take you on a journey into a higher level of reality.

Our journey begins by realization of achieving a balance in time and it happens by being fully aware, alert and conscious in that moving timeline when one experiences one’s true nature. Trough guided meditations you will explore your unconscious patterns and beliefs and learn visualization technique for accessing your abilities.


The science of breath begins with awareness and ends with awareness.

Cultivate an attitude of curiosity, of being an explorer and interior researcher.

Channeled Information:

Working with divine guidance of Waves of Ascension;

Ascensions Masters,Clearing Karma,Quantum body, Higher Self,Wisdom,Love and Power.

Guided imaginary and Visualization:

Allow you to relax and have a beneficial experience through your imagination, with suggestions and guide. The person will become completely relax almost in trance state. One is completely aware of all that is happening in her/his journey and surrounding,is a realm somewhere between being conscious and subconscious.

It will be time to repartten your system and start a beneficial transformation.

Chakra Meditation:

Deep concentration and energizing and reinvigorating all our chakras and governing the flow of energy to the four lower bodies of man.

Aquatic Meditation:

Working with water means work with emotions.

Water is the element of our 2nd chakra , Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra,

This Chackra is related to base emotion,sexuality and creativity.

Our past memories are often  held  around hips and our lower back ,flowing in the water in a rhythmic movements it helps release and transmute energy. We will bring a total cosmic consciousness  working with the four lower bodies that provides the vehicles for the soul in a journey through time and space


Each meditation will begin with a short introduction of the complete exercise and the purpose of each step of the meditation. The facilitator will choose the appropriate combination based on the client’s need. After the session there will be a sharing of the experience. Each client will bring a set of tools to apply in his daily life.

The Chakra Meditation and Visualization. (Beginners).

 The purpose of this meditation is to connect with the body and to be able to become aware of blocked energies and learn to release them.

Basic warm-up exercises and posture to flow the energy.

Opening of each Chakra and releasing toxic energy.

 Connect to the Higher self.

 Awareness of the body parts to fuse Soul with Spirit.

Raja Yoga Meditation.

The purpose of the ancient Indian Raja Yoga meditation is to cleanse the Chakras and raise your vibration resulting in increased self-power.

The Gaja Mada meditation.

Is good to clean the physical body, stimulate the brain and the mind thru fire breath and visualization.

 The Tantra Meditation for honeymoon couples.

The aim of this meditation is to connect couples on deeper level includes physical, mental and spiritual. Raising the energy to a maximum level of awareness of each other..

This meditation can be received by a single person who may apply this technique with an existing or future partner. This meditation could be a part of the honey moon package after the synchronized massage or Love and Kindness Aquatic  Meditation.

Love and kindness Aquatic Meditation.

The aim of this meditation is to connect couples  with the vibration of  love and forgiveness, where many unspoken words will be release,bringing the couple to a empathic connection

The principles are the same as for the ‘’Aquatic meditation’’.

We will work with two of the four lower bodies of man;Astral body that correspond to the water element and the third quadrant of matter ;the vehicle of desires and feelings of God made manifest in the being a man.Then with the mental Body  corresponding to the air element and second quadrant of matter,the vessel  for the mind of God.

The therapist will work directly contact with the couple.

Is a unique trantric experience bringing the couple inner peace and harmony

Release and Relax Aquatic Meditation.

A form of rhythmic meditation modeled after principles of yogic breathing techniques.

The client is in part held or candled in the water while the therapist stabilizes or moves one segment of the body, the client remains completely passive until he /she is completely relax and the therapist can start combines the unique qualities of the water with rhythmic flow pattern and dynamic body extensions and passive stretches.

The Body will lead itself in the hands of the therapist.

The aim of this meditation is to bring the awareness that physical body corresponding the earth element and the fourth quadrant of matter; is the body that is a vehicle for the soul on earth and connect it with the quantum body.

Allowing emotional release and new relaxing and beneficial experience.