Our Holistic Studio Pictures

This is the entrance to the rooms,separate by plants and wood,salts stones,Crystals and herbs

Behind is our coach where we rest and eat,

opposite another hiding single room

and in front 2 big double rooms

nice,cozy and very clean ,

the rooms are filled with higher energy that is generate by Salts and Crystals lamps ,and natural silk and fibers.

This is part of the entrance,all our products are

expose for you to taste,smell and touch by just asking one of the therapist to help in this experience

You can choose from this colorful pantry that

is filled with hearth full goodness such as:Minerals,Vitamins,delicious herbs,nutritional salts rocks in several choices ;black,raw crystal,pink…..you can make ur own comb treatments and enjoy what we really have to offer..Pure nature.


Just here you will seat comfortable and enjoying a good refreshing or warming  beverage depending of the season,

Choices of holistic literature to relax your time

Often our loyal clients come to visit for a glass of tonic and a chat.



More pics to come soon

Happy New year