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Hello Brisbane,

please read this before buy a voucher or step into our Studio

Internet is like bathroom wall where anyone for few dollars a month can write anything they desire without accountability for their statements and without documentations of their credentials.when you want to know about us

step outside of our studio when ours clients is finish their treatment or come and read our testimonial hand writing book

This is an disappointment towards TripAdvisor lack of integrity as they are using our name to feed the lacking of losers and angry people.

We are a Holistic Studio,still small business but thanks to all our clients in fast growth.

We do excellent treatments as we are the only ones that use organic materials ,naturals and fresh made in the city.With the level of quality our spa products could be classify certify organic as we use more then what is request for that label.But I don’t need to pay or use that label as I know what I use and do.

Our Studio is clean,environmentally safe as we believe that a natural life style is healthy for body,mind and spirit.

Our first vision is happiness ,caring and be passionate professional therapists

We are annoying many spa owners,massage therapists and beauty salons in the city as we give a great treatment and because we sell vouchers quite low cost.

Infect every week-end we have therapists from other business visiting our studio as clients.They are lucky to have that time off and I am happy that we generate such a big curiosity.

Most of the places massages and treatments in the city are over $49 to $120 a hour(depending location) and most vouchers are cheaper then ours offering same 2hours but not same quality.

we often offer treatments for 90min to 2hours that are at the same level and often higher quality as we use organic oil,and all the rest then a expensive spa.That is making many people angry.

Our environment is clean and free from free radical as much as possible.Everything as a reason and well study about it.I am there and that is a guarantee,my body is sacred,the same for my therapists and yours.

But remember all that is because of a vision,we do work there all day,we do use our hands on your body,we do touch the towels.Because of that we do take care as we are part of the treatment as well you are.I want all safe for myself first,and because is my Studio you will get what I get.My mother used to say:Don’t do to others what u don’t want others to do to you.

I say: Do to others what you love and wish others to do to you.Always!

With the vouchers we do not provide heavy  massage as you are not paying for deep tissue or remedial.You are paying for relaxation massage.Remember we are not beauticians we are holistic therapists and we do know how to give great massage with good firm pressure that is safe always as we do have body knowledge,plus these is a studio of real women;The body can be only damage by very strong stroke done by fist or  elbows and we don’t use any of that. As is not nice and our treatments are done only with lots of oil ,soothing stones,salts and clays etc…all gentle products  and those aggressive practice can not be done with oil.Plus we don’t like it!we don’t do it.That is another vision of ours!

As well because we cant work all day when we give deep tissue and we would do only when you pay more then $65 for treatment and the vouchers cost us less then that for 2hours(after pay all the expenses you can make calculation as life is what its for all of us). And that is a simple logic!

I find quite sad that I have to post this page as TripAdvisor is allowing other business and therapists that I let go because of lack of integrity post horrible things about my business and my husband business (Miracle Touch),as I used to work with him and after I decide to create my own baby.

TripAdvisor request me to reply every post,as is good for their page if we have this little drama going on online.I refuse it because take too much time,and is not a growth for nobody as its all lies.I am not learning nothing from those reviews,….well apart that I need bigger place so I can make everybody happy with the booking,and that some people out there should put energy in their business instead of mine,then maybe their clients would go back to them.

Or maybe, everybody should buy directly with us so I can hired somebody that only answer the phone and answer every email.That is all i can pick up from all these.

Ah!! Maybe I should have a business without my name and face…my ego is huge as I am so proud of our team and service!No…I love be part of all these.So my name and face it will stay together with my team.

I can guarantee for the numbers of emails I get a day and miscall the website take more booking daily as we get almost 50 bookings everyday,share that for 8 hours and everybody keep us on the phone for at least 10 to 15min each time and almost half  for each email

I am proud of Miracle Touch as was the first business in Brisbane to give great treatment original and healthy affordable to everybody.Their were pioneer in many vouchers rules and styles.Well done Miracle’s ones

When we did not have all those negative reviews that are pure scams and doggies,as they write about us,we could be classify one of the best spa in Brisbane even when our place is not a spa,but a simple studio.

I worked in the best spa’s in the world and I took here to the city that I fall in love an international treatments for a value that all workers can afford without need to over pay

Remember to check by yourself,as media is being used to manipulate and in these case to destroy an honest genuine business in growth that is offering great happiness in this city.Be a lion,let the sheep walk towards the oven!uhmn yum!

I am proud to have my name ,my picture in this website as its represent my vision and life style.I am not a saint.I love my beer,wine and barbecue and talk about silly things holding a glass of Margarita while I am seating in Queen st with my girls.But I am direct and I will always tell the truth.If somebody behave incorrect in our studio,I will ask them to leave,if a therapist behave incorrect with the clients or the colleges I will ask them to leave.

Our team as a good balance,we are all well connect and we do spend time together after we get to know each other.We work with a loving environment and is well know that when the work environment is peaceful gives better results.You can feel that when u step in.


When a client give a negative feedback often I take as a compliment because we can improve,when the reviews are lies ,is nothing good but only negative for both side because when I am not giving anymore treatments ,you will not have a choice,and the possibility to choose between fake and real

I do what I do for several reasons.It saved my son’s life to leave a natural life style,it helped me to go throughout really tough times as spirituality gave me a positive vision and power.It helped me to become a better person and give back to the world,with money and without.Make my family healthier and happier.

I will not become rich with vouchers,as its only my way to support my community,offering work to beautiful therapists and spreading the holistic living.

If I want to become rich with vouchers I would give u supermarket bland of a $1 products and cheap oil ,hiring therapists that have no knowledge and not pride in what they do.Put online a website full of lies and no name no face.

Instead I put a lot of research,time and passion in all that is with my name on it

We are very busy because everybody wants a treatments,and I did make offers that are 3 to 6months long and I did offer each company to allowed 3months extensions on each vouchers.When the companies allowed I extend all the vouchers as I believe that you pay for it and when u book within the expired date is ok

We do 110 to 120 clients a week and more then 100′s are vouchers.So if I sell validation for 6months is more then ok.I do have to be careful and allowed vouchers that fallow companies payments to be always safe and able to provide great products and therapists.

Yes !I do not answer every phone call  and give voice mail answer,I do use auto reply email,as I get 100 emails a day.

I do offer a great website where you can book,cancel all without needing to call me.SelfBook

Because I cut all extra cost I can give you prime treatment.In your body goes first choice products and I do make it all myself ,because in this way I can control what is inside.

I do herbs healing for many years and I did get an Australian advance education ,as I believe that we heal with local products as we live here.

My apologies to everybody that cant get the booking when they want,we are a small studio and we are getting new places and partners to be able to give Brisbane more and more great quality for a great price.From next week(after 15Feb) we will have more available bookings.And remember you are paying a great price for what we are offering ,please honor that,so we can continuous to give you even better deals.

So ask yourself : why they are so busy ,when they don’t sell cheaper then others online…but they sell more expensive, why people keep buying when there are so many bad reviews?who are writing the reviews??Who are buying all these vouchers?Please answer that,and then step in for a beverage and if we are free we will seat and chat.

We are a community.

I don’t take booking from vouchers on Facebook.

I do answer your questions if you send me a Facebook private message and not post.

I will reply positive post on Facebook.

If you want rebook and pay directly please email to us on :

This email is only for re booking,direct pay to us,I will not reply to vouchers booking.

Buy direct with us check our Facebook,support our work by like our page,post your experience after the treatment with day :                                                                                  Like us on Facebook as we have so more many new things to offer and share:

Sorry for such a long reading

Huge hug

Marcia and Sacred Body team


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