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Sacred Body sublime treat

Our Body is a sacred vessel, women love and give love to the world with their body,we are the vessel that nourish and creates  life  and we do with love and dedication.                                      Our mission is to empower and share knowledge, and create  Services and Products that honor women.                                                  We are dedicated to supporting traditional herbal medicine and healing, and awakening women to the Sacred Feminine within.

Be a woman today is very complex,we need to be strong, sensitive,sexy,wealthy and calm,work long hours,cook,be beautiful ,look young always and in the same time have a long experience in the job we are doing,then go home be a mother,wife and continuous life.

Because of this splits, women in our society now suffer tremendously from a diverse range of Dis-ease, such as: low self esteem, distorted body image, numerous physical ailments and disconnection and rejection of normal physiological processes and a give away of their own power.

Its time to reclaim Women’s Wisdom by returning to the knowing place within you.  Here women are guided to remember and reconnect with their inner knowing and ability for self healing, thereby recreating a life of wholeness and wellness.Join us!

Sacred Body honor and embrace natural healing by using toxic free products,raw ingredients from local farm ,making everyday research on herbs,minerals and nutrition that will support your system and heal your body. Our products support local women business.

We use organic products made by knowledge and vibration.Our products  are filled with flowers essences,organic herbs and lots of love.

  • We will replay your emails within 24hrs to 72hrs.
  • Please vouchers book online by send me an email.
  • Please for all the therapists that want to come and sabotage us and trying to copy our recipes,I suggest to invest your time in study as I do for years and I am still doing.Be original and committed to your mind and soul!Use your time as its precious.When you come,enjoy the experience!
  • We believed in environmentalism and printing is abusing the tree,Send me all by email
  • Vouchers above 2 people,please contact us before purchase as we need to arrange it for you to have all together.
  • We do host groups,hens and bachelors parties.Contact us for the experience.
  • Cancellation policy is 48hrs,Time is valuable for all of us.
  • We do not massage blessed ladies that are in the first trimester of pregnancy (less then 3months),yes after and we love it!
  • If you are late your treatment will finish at schedule time as we have a client after you.
  • Book together enjoy the fun and relaxation,contact us first ,so we can make a special arrangement
  • When you want book with your mate we will arrange your treatment as the possibility of the staff roster.
  • Booking online, emails ,cut time and cost ,that is why we can give you great treatment products .Remember what happened with airplane tickets,when Virgin blue did buying & booking online
  • Be respectful always.We will treat your body
  • Keep your confirmation email,
  • Check address before go to your treatment. We are very busy and we can’t guarantee to pick up your phone call as we are on the phone with client
  • Check the Google map received from the confirmation email. Your treatment will be shorten when you are late
  • Do not get some sun bathing before massage.You can get a heat stroke.Please inform your therapist when that happens.
  • Eat light meals or 2hours before,is just better for you.
  • Be aware of your allergies before come in and please let us know at booking time.Is a holistic treatment we use natural materials that can be consume as food.
  • Book time slot that is showed and proper for your treatment ,we do not take responsibility for your choice of booking time.