Organic Spa Facials

All our products are Australian made, high quality products, raw, organic, natural & toxic free

EXPRESS FACIALS: Cleansing, Exfoliation and Mask, Organic Mist

30min $ 55

SPA BOTANICAL FACIAL: Rosehip Botanical facial, gentle aromatic steam, Deep Cleansing Gel, gentle exfoliation, Botanical mask , anti-aging, and fine touch with skin boosting day cream protective properties that will give you the glow.

45 $85

FACIALS: Massage, Restorative Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask and Organic Astringent cream

45min $ 75



Deep-cleanse facial, helps skin under stress and congested pores.        The treatment includes a facial massage using pressure points, which is very relaxing,(Natural face lift), Alkaline exfoliation, Antioxidant mask & Steam , Refreshing mask  and Eye organic mask,  Astringent citrus facial cream ,Head,neck,shoulder,arms and hands  massage combo Cranio sacral therapy and Reiki to uplift your  facial muscle and restoring your youth. Flower & Crystal mist.This treatment is very restorative.               Only by Marcia  1hr $125

Mini Deluxe Organic facial (Natural face lift):Restorative cleansing, , Antioxidant organic mask & hot towel Cleansing application, finishing moisturising application  ,relaxing head massage to restore your being.              30 min $65

Himalayan  Salt Facial  is a Very Deep Relaxation.Soothing and cleansing facial with a beautiful massage to release facial tension as TMJ, cleansing your pores and glow your skin.     30min $75